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Nikos Panidis

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Nikos Panidis

Tutor of WSPC Wine School

Nikos Panidis, who was born and raised in Germany, discovered his passion for wine 25 years ago. Having decided to work exclusively in restaurant industry, he began his career as a sommelier and later continued as F&B manager in distinguished restaurants and hotels in Greece.

After several years he accepted the position of tutor at WSPC, shortly after taking on the role of Syllabus Coordinator and Developing Assistant Manager at the same organization. He has been Konstantinos Lazarakis’s MW assistance for many years while he has also been an external collaborator for Enterprise Greece, as a Chief Sommelier in international wine shows as well as other promotional events. He enjoys working at wineries in the summer during harvesting.

In his free time he enjoys drawing, reading literature and studying viticulture and wine making. He is currently working on the development of an educational project for WSPC and is a manager at Heteroclito bar a vin in Athens.


1998 - 1999
Studied cooking and gastronomy - at the Culinary Institute of Levi in Thessaloniki 2002
Began his studies in wines and spirits at WSET in London
2018 - 2020
Studied Oenology, viticulture and wine-making at IEK Praxis in Athens


2000 - 2007
Worked as a Sommelier / F&B manager in various restaurants and hotels in Greece
2004 - 2011
Worked as a Junior Instructor in wines and spirits and later as Development Assistant Manager at WSPC in Athens
2006 - 2017
Worked as Chief Sommelier at Enterprise Greece in Athens
2008 - 2019
Worked as an assistant for Konstantinos Lazarakis MW Ltd in Athens
2016 - 2019
Worked as a Junior Instructor in wines and spirits and as a Syllabus Coordinator at WSPC in Athens
2021 -
Is working on the development of a new educational programme for WSPC and as a manager for bar a vin in Athens
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