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The Extra Curricular Activities

Every Certified Educational Organization, in addition to the compulsory levels of education, also has its “afternoon programme”; so that all students can practice the hobbies or the sports that they like - regardless of “what grade they are in”!

Our students are of course lucky because either they have made their hobby a profession or their favorite sport is wine tasting! We therefore decided to take this next step and offer “Extra” knowledge to as many people as possible, satisfying their need for «athletics»!

«The Extras» through free theoretical Webinars and practical Master-classes with a fee, provide the opportunity to anyone who wishes to participate.

If you are interested in participating in a Webinar, or registering for a Masterclass, you can visit the Events Calendar page, where all current and future Extras are listed, and there will be a link for the respective booking.

If until now you had not thought of taking the next step towards acquiring knowledge regarding wines, spirits, winemaking, wine tourism, coffee – cocoa – tea in a modern way, now is the best time to do it!

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