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Privacy Policy

Updated 25 May 2018

At WSPC, we want to be an exemplary Educational Organization and a Responsible Corporate Citizen. We value sincerity and precision maintaining among our top priorities the development of strong and ongoing relations with our students and graduates -older, current, and future ones. A relation based in trust and mutual benefits.

Part of this commitment is to strike a fair balance between personal privacy and ensuring that all our students and graduates obtain full value from the services, products, and overall educational experience we provide.

Towards this direction, we list the following detailed “Privacy Policy” of our organization, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) valid since 25/5/2018.

For your convenience, the key points of our commitment and daily practice:
  • We value the right to privacy and secure data protection at all times, both in terms of infrastructure, and internal organization and WSPC employees’ training.
  • We collect and handle data with legitimacy, transparency and fairness, at all times.
  • We use only the data necessary for the completion of a task.
  • Full transparency, legality and objectivity is maintained in the manner in which we collect, manage and update your data.
  • We do not use data for unspecified purposes or reasons. We do not provide, nor offer your data to third parties –irrelevant to our legitimate business scope. We do not sell your data.
  • We cooperate with reliable business partners, also compliant with GDPR.
  • We make sure that all our communications carry value for your studies, ensure a high-quality administration and provide in a timely manner information about necessary logistics and new opportunities, avoiding misuse and overuse of your time and trust. This communication channel may stop in some cases.
  • We respect your rights and do our best to fulfil requests to the extent it is possible, without overlooking WSPC’s legal and operational obligations, as well as legitimate business needs.

How do we collect your data?

With transparency, objectivity, and legality:

– During your enrolment: When you apply or register to study at WSPC and the filling in of the Enrolment form.

– If you express an interest in our courses: We will ask you to provide us with some information so we can communicate with you effectively. Your interest may be expressed over phone, a visit to our offices, via email or social media messenger services, at our stand during acclaimed trade fairs and other official organizations, as well as during WSPC events.

– In various other ways during the course of your studies, for example, when you interact with WSPC services.

– From third parties: If you register our courses as a “corporate agent”.

– From our partners: If you have applied to start and or continue your studies at WSPC via

  • Another Approved Programme Provider (ΑPP) of WINE AND SPIRIT EDUCATION TRUST (WSET)
  • Another Approved Programme Provider (ΑPP) of WINE SCHOLAR GUILD (WSG)
  • Another Approved Programme Provider (ΑPP) of BEVERAGE STANDARDS ASSOCIATION (BSA)

What data do we collect?

The data that is absolutely necessary for us to complete the tasks related to the higher most quality of your education, on all levels, up to the completion of your studies.

– First and Last Name

– Contact information, such as address, telephone number and email.

– Data pertinent to your Student Records in accordance with the relative legislation and the process dictated by each organization (WSET, WSG, CMS, BSA), such as:

  • VAT Number and tax office
  • Copy of ID card or passport which will ensure a) the correct spelling of the student’s name in the Latin alphabet (as it will be printed on the Certificate of each programme) and b) the necessary identification process of the student when attending the examination of all our programmes.

The Student Record also includes assessments of your work during your studies, details of examination taken, examinations grades, attendance records, requests for examination re –evaluation, re-sits etc.

Why do we collect your data?

At WSPC we make sure the use of data fulfils the following tasks:

– To administer your studies and their development in WSPC.

– To provide a quality educational experience and an efficient context that will support your goals, your pursuit in enhancing your knowledge and skills, as well as in taking advantage new opportunities for further development.

– To establish a consistent and efficient channel in terms of communications and Students Support Services.

– To perform the obligations and guidelines set in our contracts related to our courses, as well as to other product services (e.g. books, courses, events etc) available from WSPC.

– Carry out legal duties of WSPC.

– Provide other activities within WSPC’s business including developing and maintaining our alumni programme:

  • The ongoing development of your studies and skills through participation in new courses and / or special events powered and/or supported by WSPC.
  • The implementation of a consistent communications and interaction channel between our Organization and WSPC Graduates community to inform about opportunities related to their educational progress and to the acclaimed international WSET, WSG, CMS EUROPE and BSA per case.
  • The ability to take advantage of the value and good reputation of WSPC for future professional evolution.

Saving and keeping your data secure

All data collected at WSPC are used for the purposes described in this Policy:

– The data remains at WSPC and are handled by our Admissions Department, which is responsible for administrating the studies and the delivery of the Awards to their recipients in collaboration with the Institutions of WINE AND SPIRIT EDUCATION TRUST (WSET), WINE SCHOLAR GUILD (WSG), COURT OF MASTER SOMMELIERS (CMS) and BEVERAGE STANDARDS ASSOCIATION (BSA) per case, as well as for an ongoing support related to educational purposes.

– The data are not transferred to third parties, irrelevant to WSPC legitimate business needs and operational logistics described in the Policy, neither in nor outside the European Union.

– The data are protected at all times due to undertaken measures related to infrastructure (IT, digital) and a strict internal context of regulations and responsibility chart.

The legal basis for processing your data

We rely on several different legal bases depending on the processing being performed:

– Consent

– The implementation of a Student Contract on behalf of our Organisation, related to courses or other products offered by WSPC, aiming at the administration of all related commitments and obligations, and the successful completion of the programme.

– For reasons related to legislation or vital interests (e.g towards the Ministry of Education).

– For the purposes of legitimate interest of WSPC aiming at:

  • Improving our services
  • Improving our Student / Client Support Services
  • Safeguarding the legitimate interests of our students, clients and WSPC employees
  • Safeguard the reputation and reliability of our organization and –through this- the added value offered to our students, clients and WSPC employees.

Who do we share your data with?

Where necessary we will disclose, outside WSPC, relevant items of your personal data as set out below. This may occur with:

– Our partner Institutions


in order to administrate the relevant courses, confirm your qualifications and the accreditation of your courses.

– Third reliable parties to whom we assign the completion of a project / task that may demand data processing. Indicative examples are services related to IT, website development, Data Base Support, accounting, payroll, courier etc.

– Local Ministry Departments and other responsible authorities in order to comply to our legal obligations and safeguard the legal rights and security of WSPC, as well as the rights of our students, clients and employees.

– Legal (e.g. companies) and natural (e.g. legal guardians) persons that provide our courses to third parties (e.g. employees, sponsorship / bursary winners, offspring who have attained 18th years) by undertaking the legal obligations (payment of tuition).

In each case, information will be only shared with these third parties in accordance with the GDPR principles.

How we keep the data shared with third parties safe

By keeping a strict and complied to Legislation and GDPR context and code of practice including:

– Performing an overview of the security of each third party’s data, with whom we are obligated to share your data to ensure that they fulfil all legal requirements and our high safety standards.

– Contract with all our partners setting in the most transparent and legitimate way the data processing in terms of the need and the type of data demanded for the task in question, as well as in terms of best and secure practice throughout the project.

More information regarding the data shared with third parties can be available upon request to

For how long do we retain your data?

At WSPCwe retain personal information we collect from students and potential students where there is an ongoing legitimate business need to do so.

Our priority is to administer your studies and assure our compliance with legal duties, as well as to safeguard our legal rights.

We do not retain data for longer time than necessary to meet the purposes and obligations described in this Privacy Policy.

When there is no ongoing legitimate business needed to process your personal information, we will either delete or make it anonymous it or, if this is not possible (for example, because your personal information has been stored in backup archives), then we will securely store your personal information and isolate it from any further processing until deletion is possible.

Your rights

At WSPC we value your right to privacy and data protection, values that define the core of our philosophy and everyday practice since the beginning of our operation. You have several rights on your personal data held by WSPC as set out in the GDPR, described below.

These principles govern our practice and the channel of communication and information we maintain with you. For more information regarding your rights, the way and preconditions to implement them per case, you may contact us at or ask for more details at the responsible local authority (Hellenic Data Protection Authority).

To be informed about your data retained

You have the right to full transparency about how we use your personal data. You have the right to know the process we handle your data. That is why we offer the information included in our Privacy Policy, which is available at our website

To access your data

You have the right to know which information we keep at our data bank and how we use them.

If you wish to access your data, please contact us at When the identification process is verified, we will reply to your request within the context and time defined by GDPR.

To amend / update your data

If you believe that your data retained at WSPC are inaccurate, incomplete or have been altered, you may contact us at

We will make all the necessary amendments asap.

To request the deletion of your data

In some cases, you have the right to ask for your data to be erased. Please keep in mind that this is not an absolute right, and it may be declined if your data retention is required for legal duties and / or legitimate interests. Please keep in mind that this is not an absolute right, and it may be declined if your data retention is required for legal duties and / or legitimate interests.

For more information, please contact us at

To transmit your data to another controller

Should you request the transfer of your data, you will receive a copy of your personal information in a structured commonly used and machine readable format. We can provide the data directly. When you apply for a transfer, it would be useful to define the data you wish to transfer. For more information, contact us at

To refuse receiving email marketing services

You have the right to ask to remove your email from marketing / advertisement notifications that do not add value to the educational experience we offer you by contacting us at or by selecting the “Unsubscribe” option to any relative notification you receive from us.

To submit a complaint to the relevant authority

You have the right to submit a complaint to your relevant local authority* if you feel that our practices are against your rights to privacy and data protection regulation. Please do not hesitate to contact us before submitting your complaint in case of any queries.

*The local authority in Greece is the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

Changes to this notice

We may amend this privacy notice and will occasionally update to comply to Legislation, as well as to reflect customer feedback and enhance its accessibility. In that case, we will post notice of the change on our website and you will be deemed to have accepted such changes.

We do encourage you to periodically review this notice to be informed of how the institution is protecting your privacy.

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