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Greek Wine Academy



By the National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine

The National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine (EDOAO) – known in the global wine market as The Wines of Greece – acknowledging the significance of education, established the Greek Wine Academy. Like EDOAO, the Greek Wine Academy represents the entire wine sector of the country on a national level, without identifying itself with specific labels, as it focuses on the domestic activity of the sector as a whole.

The objective of the Greek Wine Academy is prudent, contemporary knowledge! That is, the training of professionals in relation to the regulations governing PDO and PGI wines, as well as the moderate consumption of these wines.


The educational programs of the Greek Wine Academy aim to provide wine professionals with information and tools for the responsible presentation of wine, focusing on the special quality characteristics of Greek wine-growing regions, as well as native varieties, in an effort to establish Greek PDO & PGI wines on the global wine map, as well as to connect the Greek Wine by Name with the strong Greek cultural identity through its Ambassadors – who are none other than the Hotels and Restaurants of Greece and the world!

EDOAO entrusted WSPC with the creation and implementation of the GREEK WINE ACADEMY, with both bodies entering a strategic partnership for Greek Wine by Name.

For more information about EDOAO go to organization’s website.

Greek Wine Academy Logo

The Greek Wine Academy consists of two educational programs. The first educational program, the GWA Foundation Certificate, has Greece as its target country and it is taught in Greek, while the GWA Advanced Certificate relates to the training and communication of Greek Wine by Name to the global market and is in English.


Foundation Certificate graduates are directly accepted by WSPC to WSET Level 2 in Wines, without having to attend Level 1. According to WSPC, Foundation Certificate holders will be knowledgeable on:

  • The basic stages of viticulture
  • PDO wines
  • PGI wines
  • Vinification
  • Types and Styles of Wines
  • The most important characteristics of wines from the main Greek grape varieties
  • The principles of wine storage and serving
  • Wine & Food Pairing
  • Consumption in Moderation

The GWA Foundation Certificate is addressed to front-line staff at the final points of wine sales, such as HO.RE.CA and retail professionals. Holders of the Foundation Certificate will be able to properly promote Bottled Greek Wine by Name (PDO & PGI wines), give informed advice to consumers, understand the guidelines of Wine in Moderation and become Ambassadors of the Greek Vineyard.

Successful performance in the examinations is a prerequisite for being awarded the Certification.

As the fees of the Greek Wine Academy are fully subsidized by EDOAO, participation in the programs is approved following the Expression of Interest Application.



Duration 18 hours


The Greek Wine Academy’s Advanced Certificate is designed to provide a thorough understanding of Greek wines, their style and quality. GWA Advance Certificate holders will be able to describe the characteristics of the main Greek Wines, advise and answer questions authoritatively and make appropriate choices of Greek wines in a variety of circumstances.

Selected Wine and Spirits education organizations from around the world are invited to include the Advanced Certificate in Greek Wines by EDOAO/ The Wines of Greece in their educational curriculum.

The GWA Advanced Certificate of the Greek Wine Academy is aimed primarily towards renowned personalities of the international wine trade sector (Ambassadors) and experienced instructors in the global wine education network (Educators).

In total, this educational program consists of nineteen (19) hours of classes and exams, and is taught in English.

Success in the exams is a requirement for obtaining the Certification and leads to either the qualification of GWA Ambassador, or the qualification of GWA Educator. 



Duration 19 hours

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