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Roxane Matsa Hon AIWS

I was born in 1952 in Lausanne, Switzerland , my father was a writer and diplomat and I spent my childhood in several countries, which probably reinforced the need for me to find my roots later in the family estate. In 1967 I returned to Greece and studied at the Girls’ College in Agia Paraskevi and in the Doxiadis school. For a while I worked at the Zoumboulakis gallery and at my cousin Paul Calligas’ architectural office, but I quickly realized that I did not want to leave our estate, part of the historical heritage, CAMBA in Kantza. I started it as a family business and continued from 1980, in collaboration with the BOUTARI company which offered me its expertise. Together we created award winning wines such as Chateau MATSA & LAOURATI and later the MALAGOUZIA variety which I helped to spread throughout Greece. Since 1998 the vineyard is grown organically and we produce various experimental wines like Syrah without sulphites.

Up to the present winemaker Roxane Matsa has offered recognition to Greek brand name bottled wine and the flourishing of the Attika vineyard, the largest in the country, is owed to her.

ΤIn 2021, Roxane Matsa published the book about Andreas Cambas The “Patriarch’ of Mesogaia and the Art of Wine “(authors: Emmanouela Nikolaidou & Zeta Papageorgopoulou), documenting the entire historical heritage of Cambas ‘who’s name is synonym to the history of Greek wine’. Through her book she has able to reconstruct the unique case of this winemaker, to whom the Superior Quality Designation of Origin wine “Mantinia” is owed.

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